Open- Relationship

Everyone wishes for a prince charming, and mostly a happy ending. I wanted both of those things, and I thought I had finally found someone to call my prince. It all started one night, when my prince came up and said to my roommate and I, “Hey, can I hang out with you guys for a little? My roommate is a little busy at the moment with a girl and I don’t want to interrupt him.” I didn’t know then that he would soon be the one person to make me laugh and smile more then I ever have. One thing led to another and eventually, we were lying on my bed and he whispered the words I always dreamt to hear, “Your my Meredith and I am your Christina.” I think I stopped breathing at that very moment, I had never wanted to be someone’s someone, more than I did in that exact moment. Things were going great from then on, he was my prince. I was so happy, that I knew he would be the one to ‘deflower’ me. And I’m so glad he was, he was perfect in that moment, and every other moment as well. I had finally found someone who I could call my best friend. Yea I know, seems too good to be true, well it was. Even though, I was always happy, I was also sad a lot. I’ve cried myself to sleep so many times, it wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes it was lighting and thunder, and those were the worst times yet. Until the day the hurricane came, it was a terrible two weeks, of being completely ignored. I didn’t know why, and there was no way for me to find out. I had called and texted and never received an answer. Until the one day I saw his face, and everything changed, we both knew at that point that it was over, but I wanted to believe that we could work it out. I wanted us to last, I wanted my best friend back. But sometimes the thing we want the most we can’t have. Days went by and eventually so did a weeks, until I finally got an answer. It all started with a text, ‘Hey, I know I’m the last person on earth you wanna talk to but I’d like to talk to you tomorrow! I can’t right now because I’m on my way home for the election. I won’t be back until tomorrow night??’ My heart stopped after I read it, I never thought I would speak to him again. But the ball was in my court, it was up to me whether or not I wanted to play, or ride the bench.


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