I can’t seem to figure out, why things  happen to me? Why I am treated the way that I am? You sometimes think the ones that care about you the most, would be the ones that would never want to hurt you. But, I appear to be wrong, and of course I would be getting hurt by the one person that means almost everything to me. What, did I do to deserve to be treated this way. I never thought being blocked out of someone’s life could hurt so much. My heart is being pulled in every direction, except  towards him. I have cried myself to sleep many nights. All the memories spin all around in my head, hoping that I could go back to one of those moments. I wish it could be different, I wish he was different. I lost one of the most scared things to this person. Shared many important things to this person, and it likes we were never anything in the first place. So, I ask why? Was this KARMA, getting back at me for something. Am I being punished for not sharing my emotions enough, and for sometimes being an annoying bitch. Or does this person really not CARE ABOUT ME? Was it all a lie, was I just some booty call? Why?





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